Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cybertron Is Go!

Day: Wednesday, June 26th 2013
Location: At home in Metropolis
Mood: Tired
Time: 1:05AM

Cybertron Rave is go for tomorrow evening kicking off one of most anticipated of Nikki's planned Pride month events. Cybertron is going to be so awesome, and this time I know I'm going for sure. I have money secured, I have Lindsay going with me, and I know the plan about going there and coming back. I just hope I have a great time tomorrow. I'm wearing my cheetah print dress instead of the all black one since the show is circus themed. Lindsay will be on cue to do hair and makeup. I will post updates tomorrow. Goodnight!
Cheetah Print Dress

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Cosplay Crossdressing?

Day: Saturday, June 22nd 2013
Location: Waiting for the 49D Bus at City Line.
Mood: Hungover
Time: 2:45PM

My brother's Jr. High School graduation was yesterday. He graduated from Old Metropolis Middle School. So I need to go shopping soon. I have some crossdressing ideas I want to try. Maybe I should try the whole Lisa Rinna idea again. It's easy to flip up my hair into the same styles as hers all I need is a snazzy dress and a life-sized cut out of  Harry Hamlin by my side :P Oh and a really DEEP tan :P Okay now I'm being silly. I just love her style.
Cosplay Dress-Up Idea #1 Lisa Rinna
Another idea for a "cosplay" crossdressing come from more of sentimental thing. I created my own cartoon back in 2008 called Southriderz which eventually became a published book. Southriderz has 6 main characters, 3 boys, 3 girls, all 6 of them become friends and more. The funny thing is, almost all 6 are based on real people. I did however had an original character that came in the book on and off, a recurring role. Her name was Erin Kelley. Erin was a 16-year-old ginger who had curley fluffy red hair, freckles, lipstick, and a county western accent that sound like something straight for North Carolina. The reason I would like to try Erin is because If I find a fluffy enough red wing and get fake red eyebrows. It a bit more ambitious then the Lisa Rinna bit.
Cosplay Idea #2 Erin Kelley, an OC from my book Southriderz
Last one I think I could pull off but if I do it's gunna take alot of work. I'm talking Gwyneth Paltrow! Yes! "The World's Most Beautiful Woman" herself. (Tho I think Lisa should get that title. :P) Back in high school I had a crush on a girl who looked like a mini version Gwyneth and I eventually starting making comics with this cute little blonde who I called "Greta". I don't know why but G names sound good with Blue-eyed blondes. Turned out the girl in my school was named Joan, haha. But since then it pushed my like Gwyneth Paltrow more and the fact I own Shallow Hal and can't stop watching it makes it worse. I was thinking for that kind of dress up I need a blonde straight wig that only goes down to my shoulders or upper back, and where something white. Every picutre I see of Gwyneth she in something white, hehe. Might be her favorite color. Who knows.
Cosplay Idea #3 Gwyneth Paltrow Martin

Cosplay Idea #3A Greta Masione (would require same attention as Gwyneth.)
Hope you guys enjoyed my ideas and my crappy little cartoon. No pics of me today because I wanted to drive a point in this blog post. By the way, hit me up on The Pancake Files page on Facebook. New episodes returns July 5th and enjoy the weekend.

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Upcoming Cybertron & NY Pride

Day: Friday, June 17th 2013
Location: At home in Metropolis
Mood: Very Tired
Time: 11:35 PM

I'm quiet excited about Cybertron next week.  I need a rave/dance to go to and meets peoples at. I've been craving mingling as Nikki since my two experiences going to Philadelphia. I guess I just really want the attenton or I like being treated like a girl, I do not know but I seriously would like to go out more. Cyberton and another Salvation this Saturday might work! I'm just ready to party to put it in best sense of words.
From Last Friday's Outing
The NY Pride Parade is also coming to town this Sunday. I'm excited to go check it out because I want to see how big of a parade they're going to do this year. A few friends of mine are going so it might work out for me if I went myself. This is a good way for me to meet new friends out in NY and get to know some people. I feel alienated if that makes any sense. Anyways I'm going to bed. Stay tuned for more blogs.

Me on the Silverliner V going to Cynwyd

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Week Recap and More Pancakes To Film

Day: Friday, June 14th 2013
Location: At home in Metropolis
Mood: Quiet tired
Time: 1:35 AM

My friend Corissa came home from Florida  after Hurricane Sandshit displaced her out her old apartment in Sea Bright, NJ. It's been great because seeing her again feels like there's a peace of puzzle that was missing from my life since this damn hurricane happened. She and I go as way back as High school. She was two grade younger then me and we use to talk and hang out alot cuz we both had crazy mothers and hated the fact we lived in Jersey. We both later learned to embrace it ironically :P Tomorrow she leaves my house to go to her new job in Wildwood and I'm going to Philadelphia to filme more "The Pancake Files". We're really trying to fill in a season two and I think this going to be a great show with Ms. Nikki on it. Goodnight ;)
From my Grand Central Outing....Bad idea....

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

TheNikkiReview: Philadelphia's Broad Street Subway

Day: Wednesday, June 12th 2013
Location: At home in Metropolis
Mood: Eh
Time: 4:05 AM

Welcome to TheNikkiReview! This is the segment of my blog where if I really don't have a crossdressing topic to talk about, I'll review a train or tornado just for fun. These only come twice a month so stay tuned if you want to read more reviews.
This week we're gunna review America's fastest subway line and no it's not in New York City believe or not. It runs only 40 feet below Philadelphia's Broad Street and can hit speeds of 75 miles per hour while remaining completely underground. I'm talking about the Broad Street Subway. 
Broad Street Express About To Leave Olney
Broad Street Local Train Entering Walnut-Locust
Totaling 12 miles in length, The Broad Street Subway spends most of it's time under Philly's Broad Street with only one station on Nedro, and ironically, it's the only station that's outside, Fern Rock. The "BSL" as it's sometimes called runs north to south under Broad St starting at Fern Rock and snaking it's way down to Philly Sport Complex. There's local service from end to end on the line with Expresses countering the service starting at Walnut Street instead of the Sport Complex since that station has 4 tracks. There's also a weird semi-express called the Ridge Spur which branches off the main subway at Broad and Ridge going down the awkward Ridge Street to 8th and Market.

Handdrawn Philadelphian Subway Map, BSL in Orange
Let me start first with the speed. The Express and Ridge Spur trains use the express tracks and both trains have 70 MPH speed limits between the express stations after Fairmount. This instantly gives the Broad Street Subway the title of America's fastest subway. The New York City Subway's A Train, whose also an express, can only reach 55 and there's a point where A runs non-stop for five stations. Even the Broad St locals go faster than that. The BSL also runs with longer cars then some of the New York City Subway resulting in fewer cars needed to make a full set. Almost every station can fit eight 67 foot subway cars but the current service pattern only allows five to be used. Five cars on the BSL is roughly more then half of normal NYC Subway train using ten 60 foot cars. For the service patterns I've seen, five cars are more than enough to move people around Philly. The only thing I wished, they added more cars to Ridge Spur Train. It's oddball like operation and service hours promps SEPTA to use 2 car trains but at rush hours 2 cars ain't doing jack. You got people taking the 61 bus instead to avoid the "afterschool crowd". Another thing that bothers me about the subway is that it NEVER meets up with it's connection bus at ANY station. A lot of people take the bus to the subway but the problem is, how can you catch the subway if you're getting off your bus AFTER the train has left? This can funnel to problem in commuting especially at or around the last train of the night.
Missed connects are so common, they made a meme for it.
The Broad Street Subway is also a very mystical and freaky subway. It has 4 track but only until the 90s all 4 were installed. Before 1993's SEPTA Railworks project the Broad Street Subway would just run Express trains from Erie to Walnut-Locust and at one point in the 80s, Express service was dropped altogether because at the time new train cars weren't delivered yet. It has four track ONLY to Walnut St and not all the way to Pattison (yes I call it Pattison still!) but yet the subway after Walnut was built on one side of the street so they can have room to put express tracks. Up till 1968, the Broad Street Subway ran into New Jersey using today's PATCO tunnel. And there were plans and even station built for a subway line under Roosevelt "The" Blvd. After Erie Station there a set of track that form the ramp that would've started The Blvd Subway Line but the ramp ends at Hunting Park Avenue. There's also a shell of a station under Adams and The Blvd but it was damaged during the Sears Tower Implosion and is probably useless as station shell now. There's also another tunnel ramp leading further down Broad Street passed Nedro Avenue for a subway line to City Line Loop that the Ridge-Spur Trains used to make their layover. The current terminal Fern Rock was built as compensation for the failed north extension to City Line with a connection to the Reading Lines for points north.
"The Boulevard Subway" proposal and current line.

Current northern terminal at Fern Rock wasn't always a terminal.

I give the Broad Street Subway a B- as a rating. Ups goes for great speed, frequent service, and one of best subway car designs I've seen. Downs goes to the damn Ridge Spur...make up your mind are you local or express...and the missed bus connection at every stop...seriously that's fucking ridiculous. Check in for more TheNikkiReview at the end of the month, we now return to your normally scheduled crossdresser...

D.J. and I at Logan Station waiting for the BSL

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Philly Pride Parade & Festival Plus Pancakes

Day: Saturday, June 10th 2013
Location: At home in Metropolis
Mood: Tired but Too Happy To Sleep
Time: 2:15 AM

Today was Philadelphia's Pride Parade & Festival and child I was living like tomorrow was the apocalypse!  It started off with me getting only 3 hour of sleep because I was just to excited to sleep. I took a shower at like 3 AM and passed out. I drove all the way Philadelphia trying to make it in time for the parade and festival. My usual plan when I got to Philly is to drive from Metropolis to either the R7 Regional Rail (yes I still call it the R7) line at Bristol or the Market-Frankford El at  Frankford Terminal but I was so gun ho, I drove straight to my friend's Marcus's house. Marcus and his boyfriend Dakeem (who I call the SEPTA Couple because all they do is argue about how SEPTA screws up their buses) came with me for the ride on the Broad St Subway. Dakeem went to a friends house, Marcus accompanied me to meet up with our other gay transit friend Renaldo who of course saw the whole parade while Marcus and Me caught the last float whizzing by as we're coming up the subway stairs.

After lunch at Cosi's we went on the Market-Frankford El to 2nd St for the Pride Festival. Marcus came for the subway ride but went to class while me and Renaldo along with a few other 'family member friends' walk our hot asses over that Penn's Landing Bridge into the festival. For $10 a person it was WORTH it. I got a HIV Test first as my first one because I wanted to see if I okay. (Nothing wrong with checking eh?) I was came out 'inconclusive'. This is a 60 second test mind you so I want to do a real one sometime this summer. Anyways, I went on the dancefloor and GOT down! My hips and asss hurt from shaking. The festival was LIVEEEE. I partied with a few lesibans then got down on the floor with this big booty spanish boy and his boyfriend, they were so cute. I got sprayed with beer lol :P and two lesbians sandwiched me hehe one completely shitless but had rainbow stars on her boobs and I bought a pride flag.

After the festival we meet up with the creator and star of the Pancake Files, D.J.  and well with Marcus with us it turned out to be a funny filming session. Marcus possed as D.J.'s double while Renaldo filmed us. He knocked DJ over with my pride flag screaming "FREEDOM!" I was the funniest thing I've seen. It was good day and great Pride Festival for my first. I loved it. Enjoy Pics from today :3

My Outfit & Makeup For The Day
Marcus, Renaldo & I on the set of "The Pancake Files"
Tired & Sweaty I'd say *Ice Cube Pose* It Was a Good Day
Marcus "violates" D.J. The Only Straight Guy With Us

Friday, June 7, 2013

Philly Pride It Is! Oh Pancakes!

Day: Thursday, June 7th 2013
Location: At home in Metropolis
Mood: Tired and Full
Time: 11:31 AM

Well due to this lovely girl named Andrea, I'm stuck home today instead of driving to Philadelphia to see my best friends and the rain isn't letting up to tomorrow afternoon. This only leaves Sunday left for me to go out and enjoy myself and of course it's the day of Philadelphia Pride Parade (again three times fast) and the Red Arrow Trolley charter. It looks like Nikki will be going to Philly! Also in the mix is filming for The Pancake Files show which I'm a star of hehe. It stars my friend and creator D.J. and my boyself but he agreed to let be Nikki for the next two seasons. This show has skits and odd storyline that surround D.J.'s Multipul-personalty disorder. Anti-DJ (his alter-ego) plans on destroying Philly with simple things like a potato or a CFC-filled Spray can but falls in love with Nikki. My boyself plays Simon. D.J.'s main pancake. Not a fan of playing Simon :P
The title card for my friend's show The Pancake Files

This season on the Pancake Files, Nikki is introduced into the series and become Anti-DJ girlfriend. Lol. I'm still practicing my girl voice for the show because I have a deep enough voice that gives my sex away. I need to learn and practice how to talk like woman because I feel like it would help me in the future with my crossdressing endeavors. It'd be weird for me in low deep voice to say  "hey baby i love you" to Anti-DJ. I think this season is going to go great ;)
Show creator D.J. trying to get co-star Marcus out a tree during filming last season.
I thinking about going shopping later. The galaxy print stuff at Hot Topic is on sale and I'm dying to buy some or at least just the skirt. It looks so hot and for 30% off, my name is written all over it. If galaxy print wasn't so complex and big, I'd have it as background of my blog but I think a SEPTA train at Bala station during sunset works just as well. I love my background!
Horsehead Nebula and the Milky Way!

Current background: SEPTA Silverliner II (retired) at Bala Station. Photographer unknown.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Nikki's Pride Month Event Ideas

Day: Thursday, June 6th 2013
Location: On the 35 bus.
Mood: Eh Could Be Better
Time: 7:50PM

Well this is Pride month and the first of a few events came up. First one is the Philadelphia Pride Parade. (Say that three times fast!) It takes place on Sunday and during that same time a trolley charter is happening out in Philadelphia. I'm not 100 percent sure if I CAN go to it. I WANT to go. The pride parade is going to be sick though. It would monger a reason for Nikki to go out. Metropolis's pride parade is always my favorite. Maybe because Metropolis Transit is big pride supporter company and usually leads the parade with a rainbow wrapped bus. It's food for the thought. I'm not sure what am I suppose to go to because it all dependent on money.

Trolley being used for the Sunday Charter after the Pride Parade.
 All this month is two New York City events. One is gothic event rather than a Pride event. It's called Cybertron, another VampireFreaks rave and this one I'm trying to drag my friend Lindsay to go with me. I really hope we both can go. Cybertron this year is going to be circus theme and I really want to enjoy it since I couldn't make Salvation :(. Poop. Also PrideFest is going on but I heard it's not as good as they make it out to be. Welp. I have alot of places I wanted to go.
Cybertron's Flyer. Come visit if I go :)
I've been into Galaxy print lately. I guess it's because I'm very big on astronomy, galaxy print is so catching to me. I want a galaxy print skirt or dress, even sweatpants! I also saw this cute sailor dress that caught my eye. I just desire galaxy print I don't care what it is. I'm even making a galaxy print door sign when you enter my room. I guess you can say I'm a geeky chick of the stars. 
Soon to be on my room's door.
Ideas are buzzing around my head like an angry wasp.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What Tomorrow Brings, An Update on the El Reno Tornado

Day: Wednesday, June 5th 2013
Location: On the pouch of my house.
Mood: Tired
Time: 2:22 AM

As we all know, the El Reno tornado killed 18 people including 3 well known and well seasoned storm chasers trying to escape it's zig-zaggy path through Oklahoma. The national weather service rated the killer tornado EF-5. The top of the list. EF-5 damage is basically nothing left of your home but the concrete base it was built on and the driveway. Well ALSO now found out it is the LARGEST tornado ever recorded at a WOMPING 2.6 Miles which is roughly the width of Manhattan Island at it's widest point plus some of the rivers on either side. The winds came close 300 MPHs acting like a giant vacuum sending debris miles away. In all my years of liking tornadoes, I've never seen anything as large as this year's Moore tornado or this tornado. Moore was also roughly 1.9 miles wide at it's fattest. That's roughly from the U.N to Port Authority if you had use Manhattan as a measurement again.
El Reno Tornado Almost At It's Widest. This tornado killed Team Twistex.
Aside from the tornadoes, I have a date with Liam tomorrow. That is if his son is feeling well enough to go to school. The poor baby got sick with stomach bug. I love that kid and he's not even mine :P I decided to wear my "Mudslide" outfit I tried on once but never went out in. I think it'll do some justice because the weather is looking flawless for that day. I also am thinking of taking advantage of the opportunity to tour NYC as Nikki without worry because me and Liam plan on visiting the village. At least that's what I hope.
Mudslide outfit tryout. Miss my superlong hair.
Today, I spend my whole day in the pool after going out to visit friends out in City Line for Wawa the night before. I even got my doggie, Zim in the pool. He didn't like it because he doesn't know how to swim. We're trying to teach him. I do not know or understand how but me and my friend Bari got the boombox into the covered outlet no problem but we were taking it out we got attacked by wasps after finding a nest in there. How did we not disturb them before? And my brother was freaking out about a little friendly nomad bee...while me and Bari are running away from angry wasps....At least the nomad bee doesn't sting. Wasps on the other hand....and guess who allergic...YUP! Princess Epi-Penless! Anyways I'm beat, I'm going to bed. Good night!
My dog Zim by the pool after his swim.

The night before at Wawa. I put too much browser on...

Sunday, June 2, 2013

RIP Team Twistex & The Birth Of Liam

Day: Monday, June 3rd 2013
Location: At home in Metropolis
Mood: Grief 
Time: 2:26 AM

I'm a big fan of tornadoes. I do not know why but I really enjoy seeing tornadoes and knowing the science behind them. I've only seen 3 tornadoes in my life time, all small skinny funnels that lasts no more then 15 minutes, but those were extremely exciting moment in my life time. Last summer I went on my first storm chasing endeavor when storms hit Metropolis hard. I ended up catching slight rotation and funnel cloud but no tornado. My inspiration for storm chasing stems from the many chasers that cover the plains risking their lives to report active tornado to save others. Reed Timmer and his tornado tank vehicle called the "Dominator" really opened my eyes to tornado because they took that tank right through the giant Tuscaloosa, AL tornado that wipe the entire city off the planet but not all tornado chasers own tanks.

The "Dominator" Tornado Tank

Tim Samaras's "Tornado Cone"
On Friday, May 31st 2013, a violent tornado touched down near El Reno, Oklahoma and zig-zaged a beeline into South Oklahoma City killing 19 people and damaging many homes. Among the dead were three very brave storm chasers who contributed deeply in the science of tornadoes. Pioneer, Tim Samaras, his son Paul Samaras, and their best friend and chase partner Carl Young were killed in their chase vehicle presumably by a satellite tornado or a sudden shift in the big tornado direction. They invented the "tornado cone" which was cone shape instrument that measured tornado windspeed and pressure and with the launch of their cone they were able to better understand the ingredients of how a tornado works. Because of their research, tornado warning time is now 18 mins average instead of 10 back in 2003 when Tim started the tornado cone project. I'm not entirely sure what happened but I think they might of died trying to put a tornado cone in the path of the El Reno tornado. Only Jesus know. In the meantime let's honor these men as the real heroes they are.
Tim Samaras doing what he did best, Chasing Twisters.
Rest In Peace Tim Samaras, Paul Samaras, and Carl Young of Team Twistex
On a bit of happier news, I spend all night last night on the phone with a special someone who is almost exactly like me. I remember when I first met "him", "he" was just like me, in the wrong sex but we were extremely attracted to our normal selves and ended up being intimate. After dating on and off we became distant for a while. One day eariler this year, he finally started to talking to me again and I was scared he didn't like me anymore. Well long story short, he came out to me and told me he was crossdresser and didn't enjoy being a female but rather be male. It shocked me because his mentally is exactly like me and coming out made me more proud of him. I help him pick his crossdressing name and very soon I'm going back on date with him. So give a big welcome and hand to Liam for coming out the closet as a FtM Crossdresser.
My friend "Liam" He recently came out as a FtM Crossdresser.

On that note I will be going to bed. I'm sorry I couldn't put my pretty face up here but I wanted to do another "photoshoot" because the purple outfit got out real fast.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Heat + Nikki = One Aggy Bitch

Day: Saturday, June 1st 2013
Location: At home in Metropolis
Mood: HOT!! And BOTHERED!!
Time: 4:31 AM

I'm one very pissed off bitch. The heat bring the inner devils out of me. I was suppose to go to Philadelphia but everything is slowly going to shit.  Tomorrow is Rail Rodeo in the train yards and it not looking good for me. It's 4:31 in the morning! The rodeo starts at 8 and it take over an hour to drive to the Market-Frankford El station. I can't. This princess is going to her thrown and going to enjoy a moment to herself while she lays there letting her final memories for the day role into a dream.

I need a cuddle buddy. It would be nice to have one :) I was on the 49D bus today and this one guy looked at me (even tho I was in boy mode) and he was cute. I wanted to talk to him but I feel akaward talking to men when I'm not in makeup. It's just off. It's not like Nikki's character is only into men, I just want to met someone (man or woman) as Nikki so they can take me as I am. I'm a very shy girl and I don't want to deal with being different anymore. I want people to know me as Nikki, treat me like a girl, tell me I'm beautiful, just let me live like a girl I want to be. I want to be treated well and I want to flirt without being insecure. Not to sound like a whore but I haven't had any kind of loving in over two months now and it's bothering me. It shouldn't. I should be more focus on a job but this is bullshit I deal with.

I want a two piece bathing suit...my family as much as they support me say that's too far. Then again I wanted a tramp stamp but you can't explain that to your "homies" when you go out to the pool in boymode and it stick out you're swim trunks. A two piece would look cute on me im just worried about showing boy part :/ This is the worries of a crossdresser people. Oh I facing another dilemma, WHICH BATHROOM DO I USE? I'm very passable but my voice isn't there yet.If someone decides to talk to in the woman's bathroom, I'm done and I'm too passing to use the man's bathroom. Some idiot might get smart and ask me if I'm lost.

Well....Screw You Life....